Coffee Lover

Hi Guys,

So I’ve been at my new gig for a while now and love the fact they have a coffee machine. This ain’t one of those instant coffee machine but a proper barista coffee machine, with steamer and grinder to grind fresh coffee beans daily.

Due to the fact that this is so readily available I’ve fallen into the habit of having two cups a day. One in the morning with my Vegemite or Nutella toast and one during the arvo to combat my 3:30itis. It then occurred to me, is this healthy or bad for me to have so many cups in a day.

So reading online I found out that there are many pros and cons with drinking coffee. Some cons include: stained teeth, bad breath and after taste, increases stress level and chance of heart attack, sterility, stomach problems and makes you age faster.

Of course there are two sides of a story and the pros are, excellent stimulant, reduced gall stones and prevents prostate cancer.

Hmm…it’s either have no kids or prevent prostate cancer….geez thanks.

Either way its like anything in life, if you have it in moderation I don’t really think it would be too harmful and I love the smell of it too much to just totally stop drinking it. So I’ll start just having one cup a day, heck it is better than no coffee at all 🙂

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