The Secret Ingredient

Hi Guys,

Do any of you out there eat Vegemite and if so what was your initial thoughts of the taste, the smell and the look of it?

Many at work are turned off from it, especially one gent who never had it before and thought it was like Nutella. He scooped up a spoon full of the stuff and just ate it. Of course you can guess that it didn’t end very well, lets just say seeing a guy jump up and down while grabbing some paper towels and constantly rubbing his tongue is pretty funny.

I remember the first time I had it was when I was a kid while staying in hospital. One of the nurses brought the tray of food and being from an asian background the sight of Vegemite was something new and different. This was the first memory of it that I can remember finding the secret ingredient to enhance the flavour and taste of Vegemite….just add pepper, that’s right pepper. I don’t know why the nurse had left a sachet of pepper next to the Vegemite toast but being just a kid I thought it was supposed to be apart of it. But I could say was wow, this was really good stuff.

To this day it has stayed with me and it is the perfect companion on a piece of toast spread lightly with butter and a thin layer of Vegemite. I will always get the occasional weird and disgusted look but heck once they try it they wonder why they never thought of it before and I secretly smile at the thought of converting yet another follower of Vegemite with pepper.

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